Actor training services

Since the fall of 2013, Studio Harmonie is pleased to offer three new actor training services to help artists present their best foot forward. Training includes workshops for recording of voice over demos , versioning workshops (Only offered in french) and workshops in dubbing techniques (Only offered in french as well). The purpose of these courses is to help actors/voice actors and narrators to have an excellent instruction in a real professional studio setting. Not only does this help train new talent in a realistic working environment but also helps us grow our existing talent pool for our clientele. (Directors, ad agencies, film and television producers)

As we expand our available actor/voice actor roster – we can offer even more choice of well known artists and as up and coming talent. As both engagers and trainers of artists, Studio Harmonie continues to lead in the field not only for providing excellent experienced talent, but also contributes to leading the “next generation”. Here is a brief description of our new services :

Voice demos

For versioning demos, you can have the choice between a “turnkey” service with one of our experienced sound engineers or a session led by a professional director who will customize your recording specifically for your target audience.

Versioning and Dubbing

(Only offered in french)

To learn more about versioning and dubbing, we offer three options: a training session that is supervised by one of our sound engineers. A training session that is led by a professional dubbing/versioning director. And an individual learning session, with the assistance of a sound engineer, where the voice talent can learn in their own time and rhythm

With our 30 years plus of experience Le Studio Harmonie has a solid reputation in a very competitive field. That’s why we are able to offer you such a dedicated competent and innovative team to make sure you present the very best to your future clientele.