Voice Demo

One demo editing session - Turnkey format

3-4 hours / session

This package allows the client to record the demo with the assistance of a professional sound engineer who will also offer direction if needed. In addition to recording new material, talent may bring in previously recorded demos or samples (for example – from commercials or cartoons, gaming, etc) to be added to their new demo. Talent also has access to a bank of texts, music and sound effects offered by Studio Harmonie. All of this will be expertly edited together by our engineer.

Demo creation - Under the direction of a professional voice director

3-4 hours / session

Having your demo guided by a leading industry director will help put talent on the right track to not only produce an excellent demo but also have the opportunity to improve vocal delivery and therefore raise the standard of ones over all voice performance. The director will customize different elements for the demo and carefully guide the voice talent during the session for an optimum result. Text, music, sound effects and the final mix are chosen to enhance and compliment the vocal tracks of the performer giving each client a personalized and professional voice demo.