Studio D

TV Shows / Documentary / Commercials

Take advantage the lovely « natural light » environment (Big windows, great view) of Studio D to produce and mix all of your sound recording and postproduction projects. Whether it’s for sound editing, sound mixing, or voice recording, this charming, bright studio is ready and waiting to help you make the best of any project. The right environment makes for a better production all round, so call one of our coordinators to come in for a tour at your soonest convenience. You’ll love what you see!

Here are just a few of the projects that have been produced in this studio:

Project name Production compagny
Le Contrat Anemone Movies
Magasin Général LP-8
La Télé sur le Divan Productions KOTV
Pubs Partick Morin Productions Prod
LOL (Mix) Québecomm
Le Grand Rire de Québec Québecomm
Écrire pour Rire Québecomm
DVD Lise Dion Québecomm
DVD Dominic Paquet F3 Communications
Pubs Festival de Jazz Équipe Spectra
Pubs Les Francofolies Équipe Spectra
Pubs Montéal en Lumière Équipe Spectra
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