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In 1982, Michel Boucher began what would become a long and beautiful adventure in the sound and media production industry. He started off with a background in music and electronics, working part time for 4 years at Studio Son Québec, which at the time, was a well known entity in both the music and advertising industries. Inspired by both the creative and business opportunities of the field, he went on to found his own company, Studio Harmonie.

With a quickly growing reputation for its excellent services, many technicians, producers and industry professionals were drawn to Studio Harmonie, including Éric Tessier who, in 1992, became Michel’s business partner.

In 1998, Studio Harmonie acquired the company “Muses Le Centre” as well as taking over the sound department at “Multivet”. To further grow their business, the studio linked up with well-known Montreal composer Ian Cooney and in 2004, collaborating with his partners in video editing, “Ciné Zone”, as well as sound design studio, “Bande À Part” en 2006. Today, Studio Harmonie is literally surrounded by many production studios in their Montreal offices, offering an excellent compliment of editing and video post production studios.

For more than 30 years, Michel and Éric have made it their priority to offer their clientele a superior work space that every one is happy to work in.

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Source Connect

Source Connect

Thanks to Source-Connect ® software, we can record in direct link with the biggest studios across the world. In effect, Source-Connect allow us to record in any studio world wide, equipped with the same software. With a list of more than 5300 studios, amongst 2765 in the United States and 335 in Canada, you can have instant access to a global talent pool. In addition with Source-Live®, we can broadcast directly on the web, thus letting us have access to your projects from any computer in the world!

Sound Miner

Sound Effects

We offer a library of more than 100 000 sound effects, managed by Sound Miner® software. This research tool is one of the most sophisticated software programs available, allowing us access to every sound in our library with a single click. Once chosen the effect is transferred to our Pro Tools® system, which allows us to work more efficiently and save time when called to create any level of sound design from simple to complex.

Dub Studio

Rhythmo Ban (Dub Studio)

When we added dubbing to our already large list of services, our studio really became a one-stop, complete audio video resource offering clients assistance in every range of the field. We added two new studios equipped with the latest high tech resources and software including digital “Dub Studio” allowing us to offer Rhythmo Band projection. With the addition of the fully digital « Studio Dub » system, we were able to provide a more rapid system of translation and adaption. We also installed an additional system to enable connections between our system and directors lap tops, note books etc to allow them to work more quickly and efficiently. This allows us to help save our clientele time and money.

Original Music Composition

When looking for original music to compliment your commercial, film, television series etc, trust us to deliver the best! We have a huge team of experienced composers, musicians and singers that can provide tailor made jingles and other pieces of music to suit your product to a tee. From the conception of the piece to the final mix, you can count on our professional team, and our state-of-the-art studios to create exceptional music to attract your target audience.


Music Libraries

We are pleased to offer you an excellent music library with over 250,000 pieces at your disposal. Our clients can easily find any type and genre of music either by themselves or with the assistance of one of our specialists in charge. We invite you to preview our vast range of compositions by visiting the website of some of our suppliers including Firstcom Music and APM Music.